1. Use a small bucket with a handle tied to your waist to fill and then dump the blueberries into a larger pail.

2. To get a clean pick (no stems on the berries) roll the berry between your fingers instead of pulling it off the bush. The berry will pull right off the stem and you won't have to go back through your blueberries cleaning the stems out!

3. Changing angles can reveal blueberries you couldn't see before. Crouch down or sit so you can see under all the branches for berries you might have otherwise missed! Don't just pick what you can easily see from eye-level, make sure to look in the center of the bush too.

4. Pick all the ripe berries on a branch before moving on to another part of the bush.

5. Use two hands! One to hold the branch and one to pick the ripe blueberries or if you get really advanced you can use two to pick!